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By Queens Boulevard ASC
September 15, 2021
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Diverticulosis is a condition that affects the digestive tract. It happens when pouches develop on the intestinal wall, leading to extreme pain and discomfort. The gastroenterologists at Queens Boulevard Endoscopy Center in Rego Park, NY, know how to help patients who experience this lead more comfortable lives.

What is Diverticulosis?

A person with diverticulosis is someone who develops diverticula. Diverticula are small outpouchings or herniations that form through the bowel wall from infection or disease in the digestive tract. These can appear anywhere along that route, such as the stomach (gastric), esophagus (esophageal), small intestine (small bowel), or colon (large bowel).

What do the Diverticula Do?

After diverticula form, they can start collecting bits of undigested or partially digested food, bacteria, or viruses. When this happens, it causes inflammation. The inflammation causes painful abdominal cramping and other signs such as nausea and vomiting. The person who has diverticula may have to deal with ongoing diarrhea.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Diverticulosis?

Your gastroenterologist at Queens Boulevard Endoscopy Center, in Rego Park, NY, may suspect you have diverticulosis if you exhibit symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, sudden weight loss, a swollen abdomen, or ongoing diarrhea. Patients with anemia may also show signs of fatigue and pale skin.

How is Diverticulosis Diagnosed?

A physician can diagnose this condition using imaging tests and by taking a patient's medical history. The doctor will want to know the person's overall diet and other lifestyle habits. The doctor will also ask about pain medications and other things affecting the patient. The doctor may recommend that a colonoscopy or endoscopy be performed to get a clear picture.

How is Diverticulosis Treated?

Diverticulosis can be treated with dietary changes as well as medication. Patients may be asked to avoid foods with seeds, nuts, and popcorn as well as fatty or fried foods. If these dietary changes do not work, medications can be prescribed.

If you're concerned about or are displaying any symptoms of diverticulosis, please call our doctors at Queens Boulevard Endoscopy Center, in Rego Park, NY, at (718) 406-8000 today for an appointment.

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