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By Queens Boulevard ASC
September 30, 2021
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Detecting colorectal (colon) cancer through screening tests is detrimental before the cancer develops or symptoms begin. At Queens Boulevard Endoscopy Center in Rego Park, NY, our team of physicians with specialized training in gastroenterology encourage the imperative nature of screenings for colon cancer.

Detection Through Screening Tests

Though there are numerous methods when screening for cancer before symptoms occur to detect and diagnose cancer, there are two primary types of colorectal cancer screenings:

  • Stool-based tests are the result of your physician taking a sample of your stool and examine it for traces of blood or reshaped DNA. This is the most efficient test, however, samples will need to be taken regularly to maintain valid results.
  • A colonoscopy, the most common physical colorectal exam, is the process in which your physician inserts a thin tube into your colon to scan for polyps (abnormal growth of tissue that develops in the large intestine or the lining of the colon). If there are polyps present, they will be removed promptly to prevent the growth from becoming cancerous.

The listed tests are most common, however, they are not the only screenings performed regarding colon cancer. One of our physicians at Queens Boulevard Endoscopy Center in Rego Park, NY, can help you determine which colorectal cancer screening will be most beneficial.

Prioritize Screening Tests for Colon Cancer

The recommendation to begin regular screening for colon cancer is for those who are the age of 45 and over. This is because the specified age group maintains the most cases of colorectal cancer. You should consider the following aspects to begin screening for colon cancer:

  • Your family has a history of colorectal cancer
  • You are genetically prone to developing polyps
  • Presence of inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn's disease or other bowel infections/disorders
  • You have received/and or are receiving radiation treatment for another cancer

With the help of colorectal cancer screening tests, colon cancer can be detected early and treatment can be administered. Meet with our Queens Boulevard Endoscopy Center physicians in Rego Park, NY, to begin or continue your regular screenings. Book an appointment today by calling (718) 406-8000.



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